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obama. i can't remember in my 40 years ever having a storm of that magnitude. you know, we're fortunate that bge wasn't hit nearly shardz some of the -- as hard as some of the folks in new york and new jersey. we were hit hard, we had 300,000 customers interrupted. it wasn't a catastrophe event, but it was a severe event. we've made a lot of progress. >> there were projections of close to a million outages. i'm sure some of that information was based in part on what we gleaned back in june and july, but because of what happened back then, you guys took a more proactive measure. take us up to date leading up to sandy. what was going on? >> the difference is we saw the storm coming. really, it was on friday of last week when things really started to gear up and the projections started to impact our territory. we called for help from what turns out now to be 14 states from as far away as texas, new mexico, oklahoma, all those utilities are responding by sending help here. many of them are here now. we still have more coming, and they'll be helping us with the restoration effort. as a resul
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1